Android App to Block Calls and Texts on Your Android Smartphone

Here are some of the best free android app to block calls and text on your android smartphone.

We all are, at some point of time, annoyed with the pestering telemarketing calls and SMSes which can be sent anytime to us and sometimes at very uncomfortable times.

Also sometimes a particular number bothers us with unwanted and illegitimate calls and SMS. Earlier when the phones were not really ‘smart’ and there was no feasible way to stop this except to contact your telecom service provider. But these days, there are tons of applications available in the market which allows you to do the same and most of them are free to use too.

Some of these useful apps have been discussed throughout this article which will certainly save you from these unwanted hassles. The list goes as follows:



Mr. Number is a very popular and productive app available for free on Google Play which can be used to block calls or texts from the desired number easily. It is capable to block calls form a particular person, a business, a certain prefix or the entire world.

You can customize to automatically answer particular callers, automatically hang up on callers and even to send some callers to voice mail, whichever way suits you. You can choose to keep the blocked content or erase them automatically. You can have other users’ reviews about whether a particular number is a spam or not.

The app has an edge over the others as using this app, you can confirm for a particular number for a spam by being able to check out the users’ comments about that number. You can also set the spam level of numbers to be blocked so that other users may also benefit from your opinion.


NQ Call blocker

Use NQ call blocker now to permanently block unwanted calls and SMS. This software is devoted to protect your privacy at all times, 24 X 7. With the upgraded and better developed features, you need not think about your privacy at all.

You can create a black list, block unwanted calls which include rejecting calls, forwarding them or rejecting them followed by sending an automatic reply via an SMS. You can also block SMS which you suspect as spams. You have the option to accept calls and SMS from contacts that are present in your phonebook only or you can create a custom blacklist to block.

It also gives you the options to protect privacy by snappily deleting all SMS and call history between you and a particular contact permanently and easily. The only catch is you may need to upgrade to premium version to have access to some of these features.


Call control

This is yet other software to take control of all your calls. You can easily prohibit unwanted SMS and calls using this software with just a single tap. This is a fully featured blocker which acts like an anti-virus, continuously running in the background and giving you very snappy results. But in order to access full community controls, you need to upgrade to premium. Otherwise, even without community controls also the software is quite productive.


Call filter

Call filter is another free app to block unwanted or private calls with just a tap. You can also block SMS. There is also a feature to silent the ringtone whenever a call or SMS arrives from some particular numbers listed by you which is quite a unique feature. But a point is to be noted that this app may not work on all the Android phones due to different Android firmware and customization levels. So please have a look at the description of the app before you download it.


Call Blacklist

The Call Blacklist will also help you manage calls and SMS form the specified numbers. The advantage of this app is that it is very lightweight in that it does not consume much of your device’s resources which save battery as well. This might be the best choice if you need a free, effective call and SMS blocker which does not lags up your device as well. The application saves all the log of blocked and unblocked calls and SMS in a handy journal which you may refer to anytime.

Some Other Android Apps

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