Best Companies to buy Android App Installs in 2018

Mobile App advertising works through different business models depending on how the companies charge the App owners. The most common models are CPC (Cost-Per-Click), CPA (Cost-Per-Action) and CPI (Cost-Per-Install).  The CPI model is the most preferred one in which app advertisers charge money for every instance of installation of the Mobile App. Social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are also used by App owners to promote their Apps and get quality installs. Some of the popular and trusted companies to buy Android App installs in 2018 are,

android app installs

  1. AppInsta

It is one of the reliable companies to buy Android App install at affordable price range which starts at just $0.05 per install. You can target specific country or location and get genuine installs by real users. AppInsta organizes brilliant video campaigns to reach millions of potential users and various marketing campaigns to promote to your App. They provide a user-friendly dashboard where you can track all the performance metrics of in-app events. They will take care of optimizing your App with desired keywords, attractive screenshots and revamped design to get more visibility in the App store. They can also translate your App contents to around 75 different languages so you can target any specific location or country easily.

  1. RankApp

RankApp is one of the best companies to get your App promoted and achieve guaranteed installs by real people. You can get your App noticed by targeted audience and purchase genuine App installs for prices as low as $0.03 per install. They have successfully promoted more than 7500 Apps so far and driven more than 3500000 App installs. They provide very good customer support through Email and Skype and also have a 100% refund policy in case the campaign is not successful. If you want to learn some cool tricks in your Android mobile such as rooting or launching in safe or recovery mode, you can visit

  1. CPI Droid

CPI Droid is a reputed app marketing company which helps you to promote your Android through managed campaigns and get large volumes of App installs within a short time period. Users can create customized campaigns to target a specific group of audience and they guarantee high-retention installs. You can create campaigns targeting specific countries and they have a fraud detection system to identify fake installs. Their managed campaigns can achieve up to 60k installs per day and prices start from $0.3 per Install.

  1. CPI Mobi

CPIMobi allows you to advertise your Mobile Apps to millions of Active mobile users through their innovative advertising platform. You can use their target campaigns to reach influential publishers and achieve high conversion rates. You can get assured installs from real users with prices starting at just 0.09$ per install. They were ranked as the #77 fastest growing private company in the marketing and advertising sector by Inc. and have achieved great results for some of the popular Android apps such as 360 Security Antivirus, Minions Paradise, Talkatone, Badoo, Z War Strategy etc. They can also assist you with App-retargeting and reengagement campaigns and also setup up burst campaigns to achieve a huge volume of installs within a short time period.

  1. KeenMobi

KeenMobi helps to optimize your Apps to reach a larger group of audience and get genuine App installs at a faster pace. You can conduct paid install campaigns to improve the ranking of your App in Play Store and gain visibility from targeted users. They provide App store optimization which includes optimizing the keywords and App contents to improve the search ranking of your App. They conducted targeted App marketing campaigns to achieve genuine installs from real users and real devices.

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