How to Enter Recovery Mode on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

In this article we will tell you how to enter recovery mode on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. Here’s the complete procedure.

Recovery is a method to create a dedicate partition which is bootable and has an installed recovery console. To boot into recovery mode we need to press combination of some keys and in that recovery mode we can see some tools to recover our installation and some OS updates. As we all know that Android system is open source, code & tools are freely available for flashing the OS of the device. A best example of recovery mode is when you want to restore factory settings manually then recovery start booting and deletes all the data stored by you on the device.

There is another recovery option available for the device and that is Stock recovery mode which deletes all files and user’s data and it is related to system update which is the basic purpose of this mode. Actually Custom ROM gives more functionality than stock ROM as custom ROMs are coded to have selected data according to user only, not like stock android which bounds the user to have unwanted apps which he/she can’t uninstall. In other words the ClockWordMod provides more functionality than the stock Android.

How to Enter Recovery Mode on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
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There are many things that we can do in recovery mode, some of them are:

  1. Install updates.
  2. Reformat the partitions.
  3. Fix permissions.
  4. Mount partitions.
  5. Demount partitions.
  6. Wipe cache and data factory restore.

So, here we will tell you how to enter recovery mode on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. But before starting with the procedure, please read disclaimer, pre-requisite & other important notes. So, let’s begin with this.


This article is for Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. We are not sure that whether this procedure works successfully on other devices or not. If you’ll apply this procedure on any other device, then we are not responsible for the loss of yours, if any occurs. So if you want to go further then continue on your own risk.


Your Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 must be at least 70-80% charged.
Make sure you have taken the backup of all the necessary things like: Videos, Songs, SMS, Images, Contacts, etc.
We would recommend you to take out your SD card and SIM card from your Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.
Steps to be followed to enter recovery mode in Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1:

Step 1:
First switch off your Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 by pressing the Power button else you can remove the battery.
Step 2:
Now, wait until your gadget gets completely switched off, better to wait till screen goes off.
Step 3:
After switching off your device, you have to press a combination of three buttons which are home button, volume up button & power button simultaneously.
Step 4:
Hold those buttons for approximately 5 seconds, till you see the Android icon.
Steps 5:

After a while you’ll be directed to the recovery mode of Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.

Now you will see a screen with different options related to recovery, basically it helps in wiping the data of your Smartphone, it also does factory reset of your device as we mentioned earlier in this article.

To move the selection up and down use Volume Up and Down buttons and use Power button to select an option.
Hope this article about how to enter recovery mode on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 helped you.

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