How To Hard Reset Android Phone When Locked

If your phone is hanging or there is some problem in navigation or battery is not giving proper backup then learn here how to hard reset  android Phone when locked.

When any phone is locked it is easy to unlock if you know how. But, if you have tried all possible ways to unlock the phone then the only way to reuse the phone is by hard resetting it. You can also go in for this if you touch screen is not working properly or there are problems in navigating. Sometimes there might be problem with your battery then hard reset might improve its performance. In this article you will see how to hard reset android phone when locked.

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Hard resetting will bring the phone back to the state of that of a new phone. Which means all your data will be lost unless you have taken backups. So, this should be your last option if you have not taken any backup.

Before hard resetting your phone it is of the utmost importance that the phone is completely powered off. This means it should have zero charge and should not be connected to a charger.

Even though hard resetting techniques for android phones are similar it is not the same. There will be minor and major variations depending on the company and the model of the phone as well as the version of android being used.

The most common method of hard reset is to press the volume keys – up and down and the power key at the same time. You should press till a screen appears when you can let go. Once the screen appears scroll up and down till you reach factory reset option. Another method similar to the first option is to press the power switch till it is on all the way, release the key and then keep pressing on the volume key till a screen appears with the options.

You can also use the home key on some phones. For this, press on the home key and without removing your hand from the home key press on the power key. Now the android recovery screen will appear then press the volume up and down key at the same time. Now remove your hand from all the keys and then go for the factory reset option.

Now if you are a Samsung user this method will be useful for you. It works for on most Galaxy model phones like S3, S4, S5, Note series etc. Make sure phone is off. First press the home key, the volume up key and the power key at the same time. Now wait till the Galaxy logo appears or the phone starts vibrating. Then remove your finger from the power key but not from the other two until the Android System Recovery screen appears. Now, scroll up and down and select the wipe data/factory reset option using the power key. After its complete use the power and volume key to select Reboot System Now and once this is done hard reset is complete.

Now if you are an LG user this is how you do it. Once the phone is powered off, press on the volume key (down). At the same time press on the home button then the power button. Keep pressing till the LG logo appears. Then remove your hand from the keys. On most LG phones this shows that resetting has taken place but sometimes you may be taken to a fastboot screen. In that case, just press on the factory reset option and proceed.

On Huwaei phones press the power and volume up keys together till the Android System Recovery screen appears and proceed as for others.

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