How To Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670?

If your phone is hanging or halt on a blank white screen then the solution is hard reset learn here how to hard reset samsung galaxy fit S5670.

The Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670 was introduced back in March 2011. It was announced on 2011 at the Mobile World Congress as one of the prime players of Samsung’s low end smartphone bandwagon. If you happened to own one of this Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670 then you might have noticed the occasional hangs or unresponsiveness. Often the phone would freeze without any response, during incoming calls. Programs become unresponsive or halt on a blank white screen. If this is the situation with you then you might need to perform Samsung galaxy fit s5670 hard reset. If you have forgotten your phone’s password and your Gmail account is also not accessible then factory reset is the only option for you.

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Sometimes it is necessary to take your phone back to factory settings to ensure seamless functionality. Samsung galaxy fit s5670 hard reset can ease some of your problems but it also has some serious consequences; all your personal data and files will be deleted once you opt for factory reset of your phone. To avoid permanent loss of your personal files like your contacts, messages, important files, apps and more, it is quite essential for you to make a backup before you even think about factory resetting your device. You can create backup by moving all your data to your Memory Card and remove it before beginning the resetting. You can also backup all your data online on cloud or you can simply copy it to your PC or tablet.

How to Reset Samsung Galaxy Fit

Before you begin make sure your device has enough juice, about 70% or more battery level is recommended. Backup all your data and then switch off your phone. Once your phone is turned off please be sure to remove your SD card. Once you are done with all these follow these simple steps:

  1. Press and hold home button and while you hold it press and hold power button
  2. Release these buttons once Samsung logo appears and then wait for list of options
  3. Using the volume button scroll down and choose “Wipe data/Factory reset” and select the same by using home button.
  4. To confirm the reset choose “YES” by using volume buttons and select the option using home button.
  5. The phone will now start formatting; just wait for the whole process to finish.
  6. Once the resetting is done phone will ask you for your Gmail ID, which you will have to enter in case your phone got pattern lock or security lock. (Be sure you are connected to internet)
  7. At the last select “Reboot” and wait for the phone to restart.

You can also download Samsung Kies and reinstall the S5670 firmware from the official Samsung site. You can also clear storage data by going to Settings > Location and Security and then selecting clear storage. It will only clear credential content from your device and is best to use when you want just to reset your lock screen password.

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