How To Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S2 T Mobile T989

If you want to upgrade your phone then learn here how to hard reset samsung galaxy S2 T mobile T989.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 t mobile t989 has an internal memory 16/32 GB, 1.5 GHz Dual Core Scorpion Processor, a 1 GB RAM and Android OS. A popular phone on which you can store lot of applications and data but sometimes it freezes and there is no other way other than to hard reset to get back to working normally.

There are instances when your phone just stops working and whatever you do the phone will not work. Sometimes you forget the password to unlock or phone or it just doesn’t unlock. There are also times when the touch screen doesn’t work, you keep swiping etc but nothing happens. Sometimes the battery doesn’t work. In such situations when there doesn’t seem to be any solution then a hard reset is the only option left. It means that you are resetting the phone to the same state as it was when you bought it.



If you know beforehand you are going to try a hard reset it is a must to take backup of the stuff on your phone. Also hard reset might not work the way you intend it to. So, if the author cannot take responsibility for any problems you face due to hard resetting or hard resetting not working. These are the steps to hard reset Samsung Galaxy S2 t mobile t989.

  • First discharge all the charge from your phone and shut it down. It is imperative that the battery have zero charge.
  • Remove the battery from the phone and put it back again.
  • Press the down volume button and power button together. Keep pressing till the power comes and only then remove your fingers from the buttons.
  • You will get the android bootloader screen. There will be some options namely Recovery, Simlock, Fastboot, and Clear Storage.
  • Use the volume keys to navigate up and down.
  • Now, choose the Clear Storage option from the bootloader screen. Press on the power key to confirm selection.
  • That is it your Samsung Galaxy S2 t mobile t989 is hard reset.
  • You can now recharge the phone and use it normally.

You can also try an alternate method

  • Turn the power off, pull the batter out and put it back again.
  • Press the volume up, home and power button together.
  • Keep pressing till the Samsung logo appears.
  • Once it does release the power button
  • You will get the boot loader menu and proceed as in the above step.

If you have rooted your phone for some purpose then you might see the phone not working properly. In such a case before you go in for hard reset it is better to try and unroot the phone. Only if that doesn’t work out should you go in for a hard reset.

The methods mentioned in this article are meant expressively to hard reset Samsung Galaxy S2 t mobile t989 and so they should not be tried out on other devices. If you do so you will be doing it at your own risk.

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