How To Install Clockworkmod (CWM) Recovery On Your Samsung Galaxy S3?

If you are facing problem of data backup and recovery in samsung galaxy S3 then learn simple steps to install clockworkmod (CWM) recovery on your samsung galaxy S3.

The Galaxy S3, one of the most potent scions of the flagship Samsung Galaxy family created abuzz and rumble in the mobile world, when launched in the year 2012.And was soon touted by technology enthusiasts as “iPhone Killer”!

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But, what if one untoward day your beloved S3 refuses to move past the lock screen? Or simply gives up on you. You would have no other choice but to go back to square one. Or in one word ‘Recover’! You could choose to use the inbuilt Android Recovery to go back to the Factory Settings. Or use a custom recovery which allows you additional features like create and restore device backups and file browsers. Clockwordmod (CWM) is one widely used and loved Custom Recovery, and this article today will guide you install CWM Recovery on your S3.

Chainfire, if you didn’t know is a XDA recognized elite developer who created the clockwork mod or CWM recovery image for the Samsung Galaxy S3.

With this, you will not be able to flash new ROMs on the device. Also, Note that this can be installed on rooted devices only! The latest developments around CWM have not reported any bugs and hence, it should be working on all Samsung Galaxy S3 android smartphones with either external or internal (or both) external storage SD card.

Another great use of the CWM is that it can be used to backup your phone’s entire ROM but it is important that you keep in mind the fact that the backup for Samsung Galaxy S3 is huge and the Android ICS (integrated computer solutions) in this model measures at least 1GB. After the installation of CWM, the device has to be rooted and it is only after this, that you will be able to install on your device, the custom ROM firmware.

Please keep in mind that you since, you are flashing a new firmware, you would want to keep the CWM recovery. Stock Recovery is usually included in original firmware and hence, if you make use of ODIN, then the recovery will get overwritten. Also, if you want use Mobile ODIN for this purpose and you would want to avoid the recovery from getting rewritten, thus using the following steps.

  • Choose “Open File” option to open the firmware files.
  • Select the Recovery Entry.
  • Push the “Clear” button.

By following the above steps, you can prevent the recovery files from getting overwritten.

You need the Samsung Galaxy S3 USB drivers installed in your phone, if you want to install the CWM Recovery Image on the same device. And if you do not have it, download and install the same.

Now that you have all the necessary information and have a fair idea of what exactly is the CWM Recovery Image and how it can be used, it is time that you learn how to install clockworkmod recovery on Samsung Galaxy S3.Let’s get started with connecting your S3 to computer using a micro USB Cable.

  1. Download the ODIN3 v1.85 on your PC and save the same as this is what we will use to flash the CWM Recovery.
  2. Now download the CWM Recovery File as well and save it in your computer.
  3. Now extract the zip files of both. ODIN stays in its own folder after being extracted while after unzipping the CWM file, extracts a .tar file. No need of extracting this file.
  4. Disconnect your phone from the computer.
  5. Launch the ODIN3.
  6. Once you see a PDA button in ODIN. Click and select the CF-SGS3-CWM-vX.X-vY.Y.tar’ file from the File explorer.
  7. Startup the phone into download mode. To do this Press ‘volume down’ + ‘home’ + ‘power’ button all at one go. This should kick off the download mode.
  8. Plug your phone back to the PC
  9. Browse to ODIN and ensure the ‘repartition’ option is de-selected.
  10. Hit Start next.
  11. After the successful installation of the CWM Recovery Image, you device will restart automatically.

This completes CWM Recovery Image installation in your phone.

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