How To Install ClockworkMod Recovery Img On Samsung Galaxy S GT i9000

Learn here how to install clockworkMod recovery Img on samsung galaxy S GT i9000

Android users are always pushing the boundaries of creativity. But the official Android OS developers are not able to keep up with the expectations of these developers. Therefore these developers have taken upon themselves the task of providing unofficial updates and upgrade for Android OS.


One thing that is necessary for this to work is the installation of a Recovery image like the ClockworkMod Recovery. To install ClockworkMod recovery img on Samsung Galaxy S GT i1900 you need to follow the steps given in this article. But before you do that there are certain things that you have to take care of. They are

  • Your Samsung Galaxy S GT i9000 should be rooted. This is a must. You cannot do any unofficial upgrade without rooting.
  • Backup all the data on your phone. You can copy everything to the SD Card and copying it to a hard drive or if your phone is rooted you can download and install Titanium Backup which is available on Google Play. You can also use Google Cloud services.
  • The USB debugging mode should be enabled on your phone. If your OS version is of Android 2.x then just go to Settings – Applications – Development – USB Debugging and just check the box. If the version is newer then go to Settings – Developer – USB Debugging and check the box. It is possible that you may not find Developer on your phone then go to Settings – About Phone – Builder Entry and tap on it multiple times (about 7 times) . You will find that Developer is now enabled.
  • The phone should have a minimum charge of 80 percent. Though unlikely the process should not get interrupted because the phone charge gets over.
  • The USB driver files for Samsung Galaxy S GT i1900 should be downloaded and installed on your computer.

Rooting will make your Warranty void. Also the following instructions are for Samsung Galaxy S GT i9000 only. Do not use it with other devices. So, to install ClockworkMod recovery img on Samsung Galaxy S GT i1900 these are the steps.

  • Download the ClockworkMod Recovery ST-I9000 version on to your computer. From the zip file unpack the tar archive which contains a file named ‘zImage’.
  • Next download the Heimdall suite to your computer. It is necessary for flashing the ClockworkMod Recovery image. Unpack the tar archive and place the files in the same folder where you placed the unpacked Clockwork Mod Recovery files.
  • Now you have to start the phone in the download mode. For this shut down the phone, remove the battery and wait for a few seconds to put it back on. Now press the volume down, home, power keys together in this order and keep pressing till the phone powers on and you see the Downloading screen.
  • Connect the phone and computer by first connecting the USB cable to the phone and then the computer.
  • Go to the folder where you have stored the ClockworkMod Recovery and Heimdall files. Start the installation by typing out these instructions. If it doesn’t seem to work change kernel to uppercase and it should work. $ heimdall flash –kernel zImage – no reboot
  • Once the installation finishes disconnect from the computer and reboot the phone in the ClockworkMod Recovery by holding the home, volume up and power key at the same time. If you switch on Android mode the installation will not be complete and you will have to redo the process

Before installing the ClockworkMod Recovery read the instructions carefully. The author is not responsible for any damage you incur because of following these instructions.

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