How To Turn Off Safe Mode Galaxy S4

If your phone is hanging and you want to uninstall the apps in safe mode then learn here how to turn off safe mode in galaxy S4

Samsung is a popular and trusted brand in the world of smartphones. The manufacturer offers plethora of options to the customers when it comes to the features and specs of the devices. It can be seen that the smartphone has various ranges of price scales and can fit in the budget of everyone. The premium design of the Samsung Galaxy S4 has made it a great hit in the market with the HD screen that is mind-blowing.

The performance is seamless, and the users can rely on the device for the multitasking activities, thanks to the processor. The battery backup offered by the other smartphones in the market is often criticized for letting the customers down, but when it comes to the Samsung Galaxy S4, it is appreciated for the decent battery backup. Samsung has no language barriers for the users, and users can find the text translated in the chosen language.

The users can enjoy another great feature of controlling the phone just with the wave of the hand. Users can browse through the content, make calls, respond to calls and do much more with this feature. The users can hear anything in balance when using the Samsung Galaxy S4. The Super wide HD Full screen, and the textured design that is exceptional make the users allured to the device.

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Now, if you own a Samsung Galaxy S4 and want to know how to turn off the safe mode, then you can find the step by step instructions here. But you should also know what it is all about, and what is the reason, Samsung has brought it in the device!

Safe Mode

This is the safe mode of the device, as it clearly indicated by the name, and this lets one to uninstall all the applications without having to face any hassles. It also lets to remove the bugs. At times, a bug or an app can mess with the smartphone and uninstalling it is not possible when you do it with the normal mode, you can turn on to the safe mode.


To turn on and off the Safe mode of Samsung Galaxy S4, follow these steps-

Step 1

Turn off the phone.

Step 2-

Press the Power button and switch on the device.

Step 3-

You can find the left button next to the home button, keep pressing it

Step 4-

You can boot the device, and continue to press the button until you can see the home screen

Now with this you can see the Samsung Galaxy S4 has got the Safe mode On.

If you want to check the same, the left side of the screen has the safe mode written on it at the bottom. Now, remove all the bugs and apps that trouble you. Want to turn off the safe mode? Then here is the step:

  • Switch off the phone. Let it restart by itself.

This is all you would be doing, as you can see the safe mode on the screen has disappeared now. The Samsung Galaxy S4 turns off the safe mode every time it is restarted.

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