How To Turn off Safe Mode In Galaxy S3

If your Galaxy S3 is hanging or freezing then the solution is: To turn off safe mode In Galaxy S3. Here are simple steps to follow and get rid of this problem.

Samsung has earned the reputation of the best phone in the market with the remarkable features it offers to the users. The Samsung has loads of models which are great to own especially when it comes to the specs when compared with the rivals in the market. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the most popular and sought after phone by the users. The features of the phone are quite overwhelming. The AMOLED display of the phone is 4.8 inches, and it has a capacitive touch screen with the vast range of 16 million colors. Of all, the phone is appreciated widely for the screen. Camera is what many users these days look for in the smartphones, and Samsung never lets down the users in this front too. The 8 MP camera come with a mind-blowing class and added are the features like LED and flash and HD. The Dual shoot feature is unique. Another excellent feature of Samsung galaxy S3 is that multitasking is easy as the users can make use of two windows at the same time in this phone. This is the best phone available in the market among the plethora of smartphones for these unique and exceptional features.

Turning Safe Mode in Galaxy S3

What many people are wondering about when it comes to the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the turning off of the safe mode! This is an easy task, and you neither need to be a techie to get this done nor need any app to be downloaded or installed for this purpose.

What is safe mode? This is an inbuilt feature, which lets the users check the device for the app that causes various problems with the device. For instance, when one finds the device hanging or freezing in the middle of some operation, the safe mode tells which app is responsible for the same. To find the core reason, this has to be performed before factory reset is done.


Here are a few requirements to get started with this task:

  • Create a backup of everything, contacts, Text messages, photos, videos, calendars, MMS settings, songs and anything you need.

  • The battery should be at least 80% charged.

Instructions to Follow

Instructions to turn off safe mode in Samsung Galaxy S3:

  • Turn of the device by pressing the power button and holding it for some time.

  • When the phone is switched off, you need to now keep pressing the volume down button. This has to be done for a couple of seconds. When you are doing this, after a few seconds, you can see the message, Safe Mode. You would have actually turned it on when pressing and holding the volume down button continuously.

  • To turn off safe mode, you need to find the power button on the right side of the device, and you need to hold it for a few seconds.

  • You can see a popup appearing and you need to choose the option, “Restart”.

  • When you do this, you can see that the safe mode is turned off in the Samsung Galaxy S3.


You should try this only with the Samsung Galaxy S3 to turn off the safe mode. Trying with other devices can lead to various problems.

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