Privacy Policy

Privacy policy is of paramount importance because it determines the manner in which any organization deals with the data collected from clients and users. The privacy policy is applicable to all products or services that any company may sell. At we pride ourselves for having been extremely transparent and adept in handling your personal data.

1. Information Relating to Personal Identification

We collect a wide array of information from our visitors, in the form of registering with us, as well as other services. Visitors may be asked to register their names, mailing id, e-mail id, but it is not imperative to give us the information. We accept only that information that are given to us by the discretion of the visitor. Those who refuse to divulge data are welcome too!

2. Non-personal Information

As per the non-personal information that we collect, like the browser name that a visitor is using, the type of device that he is surfing, and other technical details pertaining to the user’s access to our site, the operating system and other details, we may ask more often.

3. Cookies for Better User Interaction

Our site frequently uses cookies to increase the convenience of the user. Cookies are placed on the hard drives of user’s computer so that record may be maintained as well as derive relevant information from the user. As soon as a cookie is send the user is notified about it, and it is up to him to accept or deny it. Well if users deny the cookies some part of the sites may not be available to them.

4. Use of the Collected Information

The data that is collected by WhatAndroid is used for particular purposes like-

  1. To offer prompt customer service because as long as the information is saved in our database we can ensure you faster services.
  2. To understand the users, and improvise the site from your feedback and make it just as you want it to be.
  3. iii.    To keep you updated with periodic mails that may contain new schemes and newsletters. But we always include an option for the user to unsubscribe whenever he wants.

5. Protection of Information

We have all advanced data encryption so that we may save the data collected from you. We take all measures that they never are accessible to unauthorized users.

6. Personal Information Sharing

We do not give any information to others. To be more precise, we do to rent, trade or sell any information. We may share the generic data that is not personal, but just a trend regarding visitors with our partners in business, longtime affiliates and advertising concerns for the progress of our business.

7. Third-Party Concerns

We do not have control over the content that comes with the links with our advertisers, partners, suppliers, sponsors, licensors and other third-party concerns. We neither deal with their practices nor affects in any way the continually changing matter in them.

8. Advertising

The advertisements appearing on our webpages are from partners and third party concerns, and they may send you cookies. The cookies help in recognition of your computer each time they send you the online advertisement. This information is based in the fact that the advertisers may get connected to a niche audience, but WhatAndroid do not cover the cookies send by them.

9. Change for Privacy Policy and Acceptance Terms has the right to change the privacy policy at any time. And by using the site you by default accept all the policies.

10. Contact Us

In case of any queries regarding the privacy policy drop in your mail at

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