Pros and Cons of Updating Your Android Software

Many of you might be aware that Android is the most commonly used Mobile operating system and there are more than 2 billion Android users across the globe. Every year, Google releases a new Android version with some bug fixes and new features. Though we get periodic notifications about the new software update available for our Smartphone, some people tend to ignore it while others immediately proceed with the upgrade to the latest software. Here we look at some of the Pros and cons of updating your android software to the latest version,


  1. Bug Fixes and Security Updates

One of the important reasons to update your Android software is that it will have bug fixes for some serious security flaws or other performance enhancements. Generally, Android software updates come with some critical bug fixes which can improve the stability of your system and overall performance. There will also be security patches which will fix critical vulnerabilities in the older code. For example, Android 5.1.1 fixed a major vulnerability named STAGEFRIGHT which allows attackers to perform various operations on the affected device through privilege escalation and remote code execution.  Another example is the introduction of the file-based encryption support in Android 7.0 Nougat version which makes your device even more secure and robust.

  1. New features and UI Enhancements.

Some new features and UI enhancements are also released with each version of the Android software. For example, with Android 7.0 Nougat, you can use the “Split Screen” which allows you to view more than one App in a single screen at the same time and helps in multitasking. It also introduced a revamped notifications menu which is much wider and fills the entire screen. Users can also reply directly from the notifications panel for their WhatsApp messages without having to open the Application. Some Android updates are also focused on improving the battery life. For example, Android 7.0 Nought introduced the Doze mode which enhances the overall battery life of your Smartphone.


  1. Compatibility with Newer Apps

System Updates are essential for your device to support newer version of various Apps whether it be games, music or other entertainment Apps and productivity Apps. For example, the latest version of Messaging App like WhatsApp or Skype might not be compatible with an older Android version. Some latest Gaming Apps require Android 7.0 or higher version. By updating your Android software, you can install and enjoy the latest version of various Apps which might not work with your older Android versions.


  1. Slow down your Device

Some Android updates can slow down your smartphone especially if your device specifications are less and you don’t have a powerful processor or enough RAM to handle the new code. The newer Android versions are generally released for more powerful processors and higher RAM and it might slow down your existing device especially if you have not updated your hardware for a long time. Some Android versions have caused heating problems in specific models of Smartphone.

  1. Non-compatible Applications

Some existing applications which you are using currently might not work properly with the updated Android software. For example, when Android 6.0 Marshmallow was released, there were complaints about many incompatible applications which caused the phone to hang and unexpected restart or shutdown of the Applications.

It is always recommended that you wait for a few months once a newer version of Android is released so that you can get the feedback and reviews by other users about the new software. You will also come to know if there are any new issues or critical bugs found in the new Android version. Based on the comments from other users, you can decide whether to update your device or not.



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