Risks of Rooting Samsung Galaxy S3

There are various advantages of rooting a device but there are risks also. This article will tell you about risks of rooting Samsung Galaxy S3.

With the enduring success of the Samsung Galaxy S series, Samsung has made themselves a valuable and reliable brand in the Smartphone market. Despite of the fact that, all the focus of market is on galaxy S4 but we can’t ignore its predecessors, especially Samsung Galaxy S3. Mostly people want to root their galaxy S3, but with all the advantages and flexibilities which come with rooting the device, there are always some fundamental risks. Here we have mentioned everything about the rooting process and all the risks of rooting the Samsung Galaxy S3.

What is rooting?

Rooting is a process of giving the administrative control to the users Smartphone or any other device running android operating system. The basic reason behind rooting is to overcome the limitations of not being able to uninstall factory apps or restrictions of running some specialized apps and performing some extreme operations which is not permitted to ordinary end user of android system.

The best thing about Samsung is that, software for rooting Samsung’s device is easily available on internet. This allows you to install custom ROM and Kernels on you Smartphone. But before rooting the android device, we have to unlock the Bootloader. A bootloader is a code which runs every time before any operating system start running. All operating systems have their own specific bootloaders. It offers commands to modify or debugging the kernel and also has different options to boot the operating system kernel. Basically what we want to say is unblocking the bootloader gives you unrestricted access to the Smartphone. In order to get rid of some unwanted stock applications, factory restrictions, or power up its performances and to make device run faster than usual, the best way is to root that device.

Samsung Galaxy S3

Why to Root Samsung Galaxy S3?

  • Rooting gives parental control of your android device.

  • Rooting allows you to uninstall unwanted stock apps along with installing non permitted apps.

  • Rooting gives benefit of improvement in the performance and also it enhances the speed of operating system of your Android device.

  • Through rooting you can update your Android device, without asking for permission from the manufacturer, using custom ROMs and upgrades.

  • Increase in the battery pack up of the Smartphone.

  • After rooting your Samsung Galaxy S3 you can get stunning visual experience.

  • Upgrade in the baseband possibility after rooting the device.

Pre-requisites of rooting the Samsung Galaxy S3

  • Disable all security programs like firewall & antivirus on your android device as well as on your PC.

  • Your device’s Battery should be fully charged or must be at least 80%.

  • Take all the necessary backups of all possible things like: SMS, videos, Images, Bookmarks, MMS settings, songs, Contacts etc.

  • You have to install USB drivers of your device on the pc.

  • Use a good conditioned USB port for connection between device & system with supplied USB cable of your device.

  • You must enable the option “Unknown Sources (allow installation of market app)”, which you can find in your Smartphone settings.

  • If you are using the Face lock option for the security reasons then please disable it till rooting process, you can re-enable it after rooting.

  • You have to enable the USB debugging mode. You can find this option in your phone’s settings

Risks of rooting Samsung Galaxy S3:

  • Warranty Voids: All of us are very sensitive about the warranty of our Smartphone. This is the first thing which voids after rooting your Samsung Galaxy S3 and you will not be able claim the warranty anymore.

  • Bricked Smartphone: Rooting should be done by a seasoned person only because if anything happens wrong during the process then your Samsung Galaxy S3 could get bricked. And a bricked phone is as good as carrying a dead phone in the hand.

  • Performance: Generally users root their Samsung Galaxy S3 to boost the performance and speed of their device, but only in few cases this really happens. More than 50% of the users who have rooted their phone have experienced decrease in performance.

  • Security issues: As after rooting the Samsung Galaxy S3, you can get the direct access to the ROM and Kernels, the same applies with the applications also. Viruses can easily get in the rooted Smartphone.

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