Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos: Tips and Tricks to Use it in its Best Way

If you want to make most advantage of Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos then learn here the tips and tricks to use it in its best way.

The features of Samsung Galaxy Grand duos are what make it one of the most popular phones to be brought out by Samsung. Some of the most notable features of the phone are dual sim, big screen and dual camera. But what makes it the phone even more user friendly is the Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos tips and tricks.

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Sometimes it becomes necessary to reset your phone. Resetting will lead to loss of data so if possible do backup your files before going forward. The first way to reset is the factory reset method.On the homescreen select the menu. From menu touch on settings from which select backup and reset option. From this further select Reset device and touch on delete all to confirm resetting. Once the phone restarts you will have a phone with everything reset.

Another way to reset your phone is hard reset. Just switch of the phone. Then press volume , home and power button together till the factory reset menu appears. Then just select wipe data/factory reset option and it is done.

When you have a phone like the Grand Duos with its applications you will see that the phone will also require lot of energy. So you have to find ways to improve the life of your battery. Firstly keep the phone on sleep mode when you are not using it. Just press the power key and the phone will do just that. Make sure to switch off any app that you are not using so that they do not consume power. Disable any kind of network connection when you don’t need them. This includes wifi, Bluetooth , mobile data etc. Syncing of application might seem like a good idea but it uses lot of power. Use the auto bright feature of your phone to set the brightness. The brighter your phone more power it will consume.

How many times have you wanted to save what is there on the screen as it? Oh for sure there are shortcuts where you have to press this switch in combination with that etc. But, what if you could do it by just moving your hand? Well you can do that by just activating the motion sensor on your phone. Just go the motion option on settings and enable palm swipe to capture. Now when you want a snapshot of your screen all you have to do is move your palm across and presto it will be saved.

Remember how you would write details of the pictures on their backs? You can do the same with pictures on your phone. Just click on the picture on which the details have to be written. Now click the menu button. From this select the option photo note. When you do this the image will just turn to show its back and now you can type the details.

There are times when you want to just go to your application and the lock screen makes it a cumbersome exercise. You can add shortcuts to your lock screen. Just go to settings then lock screen. On this select lock screen access. From this touch lock screen options and enable shortcuts. Now drag and drop applications you want on the lock screen.

When you buy a new phone you obviously want to get the contact information from your old phone without having to type them out. To do that on the Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos you will need the help of your pc. For this you will need internet connection on your computer and usb cables of both your old phone and new phone. Now just install PC Companion program on your new phone and follow the instructions.

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